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TransACTION Strategic Plan

GLP Services: consulting

​Save the Children Federation, Inc. and its partners - the Academy for Educational Development, Population Services International, Marie Stopes International Ethiopia and local NGOs, including Mekdim, OSSA, and Pro-Pride - are implementing the TransACTION Program in Ethiopia. The program seeks to reduce HIV and STI transmission along transport corridor routes. Their five-year program began in May 2009 and will be implemented through May 2014. TransACTION expects to work in 120 towns along eight high-risk corridors located throughout the country.

The Project

Global Learning Partners, (GLP) Inc. was contracted to assist in the writing of this five year strategic plan. This plan needed to ensure the creation of a supportive enabling environment for prevention and care services, as TransACTION aimed to transform the “existing context” to a “new context”.  

To achieve this goal, the GLP team ensured that the strategic plan worked to bring about positive behavior change among TransACTION’s priority groups by planning to provide information, building skills, and offering a range of services. The services include in the 5-year plan are prevention, care, support and economic strengthening services. The priority groups TransACTION is working with are: 1) female daily laborers, 2) male daily laborers; 3) transport workers; 4) waitresses; 5) commercial sex workers; and, 6) people living with HIV.

GLP and TransACTION also worked with independent contractor and Dialogue Education™ practitioner Bonnie Kittle, who played the lead role in supporting the TransACTION team to not only analyze the findings from the formative assessment, but also to use the findings to guide decision-making about behavior change strategies and interventions. To see the full curriculum go to: http://www.coregroup.org/storage/documents/Workingpapers/dbc_curriculum_final_2008.pdf .

The Value

For TransACTION the value of this 5-year strategic plan was ensure the development of behaviour change programs for the most at risk groups in Ethiopia. It validated the work that TransACTION had already started (since the strategic plan was written after the start of the program) and assisted in clarifying doable goals and realistic change. 

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