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Self Directed, Skills-Building Program

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​Global Learning Partners, (GLP) Inc. worked with the ASPCA to design and produce a first-of-its-kind learning program which is now being extended to all New York City-based staff. This skill-based pay program aims to strengthen technical and interpersonal competencies of each staff member, while building uniformity of approach across team members and greater communications across departments. GLP teamed with medical and technical staff, human resource specialists, facilities staff, and front-line workers in the following collaborative process:

  1. Conducted a thorough assessment of current competencies, challenges and strengths.
  2. Created a prototype program that includes personal self-assessment, self-directed (individualized) learning, mentorship and peer support, group practice, and final assessments. 
  3. Integrated a process through which pay raises can be linked to demonstrated mastery of skills.
  4. Drafted specialized curricula for eight unique union positions including Animal Care Technicians, Licensed Veterinary Technicians, Customer Service Representatives, and facilitates staff.
  5. Assessed draft curricula through a feedback process with relevant ASPCA personnel.
  6. Offered recommendations on the training of peer coaches to field-test, revise, and roll-out the curricula with all staff.

The Value

Both ASPCA and GLP are pleased with the initial response from staff. For example, peer coaches engaged in a thoughtful and thorough process of field-testing the curricula. They saw for themselves the value of the learning.  Afterward, they recommended that all staff (veteran as well as new staff) engage in the whole process, with no option to “test out” as was initial envisioned. The program is being replicated for additional staff positions in additional departments as a way to create more uniformity and accountability among all workers.  

ASPCA and GLP are also very pleased that, by working closely with frontline staff, we were able to design materials that are not only effective for learning, but which seem to motivate staff and raise their eagerness to learn!

“The workbooks and materials themselves are wonderful. Those who have started seem to enjoy the workbook and the idea of skill-based pay. The Peer Coaches love having a guide to train new employees. They feel organized. Those who have not started have actually expressed that they are eager to start!”  

- ASPCA Training & Development Specialist

Available upon request: pdf file of one example of a completed employee workbook.


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