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Training Trainers to Teach and Preach

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​MissionPREP http://www.missionprep.ca/ is an organization committed to the task of preparing Christians for effective inter-cultural mission work in the world. 

One way MissionPREP offers this preparatory training is through an intensive 2-week program called Cultural Orientation for Personal Endurance & Enjoyment (COPE). This program equips missionaries to live the paradox of the enjoyment/endurance challenge of the cross-cultural experience. Spiritual, personal, language, interpersonal and cultural aspects of the missionary experience are taught in this program through a unique combination of experiential and formal instruction. 

The Project

EARLY COLLABORATION - MissionPREP partnered with GLP in 2003, 2008 and 2011 to design and facilitate a 5-day train-the-trainer program for individuals teaching in the COPE program. Since MissionPREP works exclusively with volunteers, most of whom have recently returned to Canada after having been missionaries overseas, the need for skill-training and capacity-building was well understood. In general, the COPE trainers are content experts and have often experienced the lessons they teach in a real and personal way. However, after spending an intensive week fully immerged in Dialogue Education™ (DE) principles and practices while practicing newly developed skills, they have the know-how to also design and teach these critical lessons to others. 

RECENT COLLABORATION – In 2012, MissionPREP wanted to push their quality standard even higher, and so engaged GLP, Inc. to deepen the training of their trainers as well as facilitate the re-designing of their entire COPE program. With the help of GLP, this 10-day intensive course will be thoroughly researched, designed according to DE principle and tools, field-tested, and implemented into their list of annual courses. Included in this work GLP is ensuring the modules are supported by current and relevant content, each day includes relevant liturgy and song, there is a collection of tips and guidelines for trainers planning to teach, and there are helpful templates and tools for planners and learners alike. 

The Value

At the end of this recent collaboration with GLP, MissionPREP will not only have a prototype that will ensure a quality standard and offer trainers the resources they need to train with relative ease, but they will also have continued their investment in people by increasing their skills, giving them ownership in their program and empowering them to take a stronger leadership in MissonPREP. 

Dialogue Education and the work of GLP is a way to peace in the world!”

  • One of the COPE trainers

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