"The means is dialogue, the end is learning, the purpose is peace." ~ Founder Dr. Jane Vella

Our Clients

At Global Learning Partners, we are energized by our work with a diverse range of clients worldwide, and are driven by a desire to effect lasting global change towards peace and justice.

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Civil Society and International Development

Working with Global Learning Partners (GLP) has been a very rewarding experience. Their technical approach to design is one of the most effective I have ever seen, as they involve all the interested stakeholders from the beginning in a very participatory manner. The views of everyone were very well reflected in the final design of the workshop. In the evaluations from participants, everyone praised the excellent facilitator skills of the GLP trainers. All the reports were submitted on time and with very high professional standards not only in terms of content but also in terms of presentation. Our feedback in every deliverable was taken into consideration and incorporated in the improvement of the assignment. GLP had to face the fact that we were not able to attend to workshop in Rwanda due to health restrictions imposed to people coming from Senegal. Their openness and flexibility to work together out a plan B were remarkable and very appreciated. They were able to work under pressure and the quality of the results did not suffer. I would highly recommend GLP to others in the organization.

         ~ Maria Perdomo, United Nations Capital Development Fund


Working with Global Learning Partners for the past three years has been a great opportunity and true pleasure!  Our efforts to move youth justice practice forward in Vermont has been enhanced by this collaboration.  These learning opportunities have afforded participants the ability to enhance communication, foster engagement with youth and their families, as well as provide relevant and meaningful meetings.   Our work with Global Learning Partners has provided a wonderful learning experience for participants that is transferable across disciplines and relevant in our day to day work.

            ~ Lindy Boudreau, Juvenile Justice Administrator, Vermont Department for Children and Families


…. [My dad] reminded me constantly that it really didn’t matter how "educated” one is, if education didn’t teach one how to live. I guess this is one of the reasons I regard Dialogue Education™ (DE) as more than just a process; it is becoming a way of life for me. When the principles it teaches and espouses become part and parcel of how you approach life, I believe DE crosses the threshold from being merely educational to a philosophy of life.

~Chris Pullenayegemm Director of Leadership Exchange, Christian Reformed Church of North America (CRCNA)

Higher Education

Like faculty in colleges and universities everywhere, we are constantly transforming our lectures, our courses, and our programs. Now we have a new common language with which to encourage one another and new tools for design to sharpen our thinking about teaching and learning. A trickle has become a flood of new ideas as the river of teaching and learning suddenly broadens far beyond its original banks.

~ Dr. Heather Prior, Assistant Professor of Biology, King’s University College



Public Health

I see the value and benefits of Dialogue Education to shift the balance of power back to the patients as an important step in their progress through rehabilitation.

~ Terry Chase, MA, ND, RN, Patient & Family Education Coordinator, Craig Hospital

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