"The means is dialogue, the end is learning, the purpose is peace." ~ Founder Dr. Jane Vella

Deb Chisholm

Deb is passionate about the core capacity of every person and organization to grow, thrive, expand and innovate.  Collaboration and mutual respect are at the heart of her communication and work with diverse groups of people, fostering strength building and success in the learning and change processes.

Deb has been valued for her depth of listening, ability to reflect back ideas and at the same time frame the questions that move thinking forward in new ways.  Embracing the strengths and talents of others, inspiring bold change, and guiding the processes for creating meaningful innovation – this provocative energy supports individual and organizational evolution.

Her past includes:  30 years facilitating human organizational development and strategies; 32 years developing curricula; 32 years evaluating learning impact; 26 years facilitating meetings and strategic planning; 4 years training mentors; 28 years training elementary, middle, and high school teachers; 32 years counseling adults and children; 28 years training elementary school counselors.

Selct Skills and Knowledge Base

  • Learning Design and Facilitation
  • Program Design and Effectiveness
  • Organizational Development
  • Qualitative Evaluation and Planning
  • Team Building
  • Community Engagement
  • Positive Psychology
  • Appreciative Inquiry Coaching

Deb's education

Masters, Education in Counseling, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT

Bachelor of Science, Education, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT

Certified Masteries Coach, International Association of Coaching

Board Certified Coach, Center for Credentialing and Education    

Certified trainer in:

  • Social Styles and Versatility
  • Coaching for Great Work
  • Search Institute's Building Developmental Assets in School Communities

When Deb is not working

Deb and her husband live in Vermont, with all of their family (including 6 grandchildren!) nearby.  With them and others, she is often outdoors gardening, playing lawn games, kayaking, snowshoeing, or sledding. Deb is an enthusiastic swimmer with 30+ years on a local team (slow lane!).  A life-long learner, mentor and children’s advocate, she is active in supporting local programs that help young people thrive.

What people are saying

She is a beautiful listener, able to reflect back ideas and at the same time frame questions that will move your thinking in new way.  I have been amazed at her capacity to do this is small groups as well as larger groups, even when there is a high level of resistance.  Deb is positive and always able to move the conversation in a direction that results in action. 

-Mary Lynn Riggs

Deb’s core values are so powerful…I know no one who is a better listener, more open, who has a stronger belief in the value of every learner… her approach is one that takes in and goes to the heart of what a client or group needs.  She walks the talk of modeling all the assets and strengths of the group before her, (helping them) learn and grow and trust each other, take new risks, and strive to do things better. 

-Nancy Carlson, Director – Connecting Youth Mentoring

Deb Chisholm