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Dr. Aida Said Al Basli

Associate Professor in the specialty of grammar on Arabic Language, in Princess Nora University.

I worked in the field of academic education for more than twenty years and I have gained many skills and a number of well-attended lectures, courses, workshops, seminars and conferences that helped developmental.

I also participated in several committees, courses, lectures and official volunteer and work in a specialized field and I took a lot of administrative positions, including traffic and monitoring grade in our department

And I am proud of my work as head of the Arabic language department for about 10 years continuously worked on the development of the department and organization

restructuring assistance and most of its members on the development and completion of graduate studies
I am also an active and effective member of the research I have8 published research and 4 under publication 2under the setup I want to get a Professor degree soon, God willing.

Dr. Aida Said Al Basli