"The means is dialogue, the end is learning, the purpose is peace." ~ Founder Dr. Jane Vella

Linda Gershuny

Linda Gershuny is currently Director and programme/curriculum designer at Centre of Learning, Training for Transformation – CAFT in Haiti. She holds a Master's Degree in Adult Education from the University of Toronto with over 30 years of experience in the Caribbean and Canada, and recently in the DRC and Mali with a focus on Dialogue through Participatory, Inclusive and Enabling Methods of Teacher Education, promoting the development of the most disadvantaged populations. CAFT is recognized in Haiti for effectiveness in programmes of "Training for Transformation” with a track record over the last 15 years of 30+ effective partnerships with national and international organizations in Haiti including UNICEF, Plan International, CARE, Caritas Czech Republic, Canadian Embassy Education Fund, and Ministries of Education and Health.

Linda is experienced in: project planning and management; development of training programmes, guides and module for formal and non-formal education; facilitation of training programs for educators for UNICEF, Plan, Air (ministerial staff, training of trainers, school administrators and teachers, parents, school committees); health professionals (interpersonal communication - for MARCH-Save the Children); community health volunteers (CARE); Dialogue Education (for Global Learning Partners and Ministry personnel in Haiti; animation of non-formal education programmes for adults (social workers, maternal child health and hygiene for female peer educators, literacy monitors, development workers); team-building; and, professional ethics for teachers. Linda also worked with social workers and NGO office personnel on principle-based leadership programmes for youth.

Linda is available for short and long-term individual consultations in these areas. Her personal consultancy experience includes modules development for community health and development: participatory methods for Red Cross Canada, Haiti and Mali (CBHFA Programme), WASH – UNICEF-DRC, maternal-child health and hygiene (CARE), Aids Prevention/ GBV/ Gender Equity/ Sexuality/ Human Rights (for UNFPA-UNICEF); training modules for teachers including children's activities (On Hygiene for CARE and Action-Aide/Cozpam); techniques of participatory community research, monitoring and evaluation of Health/Hygiene project activities (for Save the Children) a qualitative assessment followed by a workshop on Strategic Planning and Conflict Resolution attended by the Director and senior staff of USAID in Haiti (2001); and, Strategic Planning for Save the Children Haiti (2013). She conducted a participatory evaluation for the Embassy of Canada of an innovative Cooperatives and Literacy project. 

Linda has developed and taught several undergraduate and graduate courses at the invitation of four major universities in Haiti on Facilitation for Conflict Resolution (Master's level), Management of School Groups, School Leadership, and "School and Community.”

Linda Gershuny