"The means is dialogue, the end is learning, the purpose is peace." ~ Founder Dr. Jane Vella

Michael Culliton

Senior Partner

In brief…

“What do we need to learn and practice in order to become the people and organization we want and need to be?” This question is the energy behind more than 25 years of work with leaders in health care, education, government, religious institutions, advocacy, human services and human rights.

People consistently cite appreciation for processes and outcomes that are collaborative and respectful, that attend to both emerging practices and innovation, and that result in achievable plans and inspiring reflection.

Some recent projects…

Pacific Business Group on Health | San Francisco, CA | January 2017 – present
With GLP colleague Christine Little, preparing a 4-day customized course in the design and evaluation of effective adult learning for people who train in the area on medically complex patients and other quality-related approaches and practices in health care.

National Association of State Boards of Education | Alexandria, VA | January 2017 – present
Offering training development and design coaching to staff working on a new Equity in Schools Leadership initiative, including just-in-time customized micro-learning sessions, coaching on Learning Needs and Resources Assessment, pre-design research, and other initial tasks.

Children’s Council of San Francisco | San Francisco, CA | January 2017 – present
Preparing to offer a 2-day customized course (April 2016) for 16 program staff who design and lead internal and external meetings.

New Mexico Office of Child Development / Children, Youth and Families Department (CYFD) and University of New Mexico Continuing Education | Albuquerque, Las Cruces, Santa Fe, NM | Jan. 2016 – present
Working with lead GLP consultant Peter Perkins, collaborated with Early Childhood Leaders in New Mexico:

o   Established an Advisory Group to help guide this initiative (January 2016)

o   Conducted a Discovery Phase that included a review of past guidance, data and documentation; program evaluations, an online survey completed by 127 of 202 consultants and trainers (63% return) and 15 follow-up phone interviews. Data gathered was summarized in a report and used to guide the initiative. (April – May 2016)

o   Designed a four-day "Integrated Learning Approach in Professional Development" course, which included relevant principles and practices from Dialogue Education, customized for these Early Childhood facilitators, trainers, and consultants. (April - May 2016)

o   Collaborating with and offering design and facilitation coaching to a core group of five Anchors charged with leading and sustaining the program once it is established. (June 2016-present)

o   Piloted the course with 20 Early Childhood facilitators, trainers and consultants and sought their feedback for refining the course. (June – November 2016)

o   Collecting feedback and evaluation data to continue to refine the course to ensure learning transfers into people's work and has an impact on the children, families and communities with whom they work.

Michael Culliton