"The means is dialogue, the end is learning, the purpose is peace." ~ Founder Dr. Jane Vella

Learning-Centered Conferences

Ensure rigorous learning and clear take-aways at your upcoming conference.


A 4 week online course offered online via the Ruzuku platform.

Ensure that your next conference is a more learning-centered event! Create experiences where participants feel engaged and respected. Design for transfer of learning so that people walk away with new skills and an eye to the positive impact your event will make on their work when they get home.

Course Content and Learning Objectives

By the end of our time together you will have:  

  • Articulated key attributes of a learning-centered conference and the positive difference each can make to a future conference related to your work.
  • Named two persistent conference challenges you want to address and identified potential leverage points for creating a positive shift in each challenge.
  • Selected at least three tools from the Learning-Centered Conferences Toolbox that hold potential for helping you make shifts in these challenges and applied these to your upcoming conference design.
  • Practiced refining conference designs by giving and receiving conference design feedback with other course participants, and named two ways you can use this same process in your work context.
  • Walked away with a useful plan for integrating additional learning-centered aspects into your upcoming conference.


We decided as a team to do some learning that would directly impact on our meetings and how we run them, so three of us signed up for the GLP course. It has brought great richness of learning and challenged us about how we use our time together and plan our agendas. We gather 23 organisations from 14 countries together for meetings twice a year, and work incredibly hard to make that time worth all the hours of flying and investment from our Members. Thank you GLP for helping us to move to the next level and try new ways to ensure our meeting time together is real silver and gold.

Fiona Boshoff, CEO, Integral Alliance


Course Schedule

*Dates TBD – ask us about bringing this workshop to your organization.