"The means is dialogue, the end is learning, the purpose is peace." ~ Founder Dr. Jane Vella

Advanced Learning Design Retreat


Join us for 5 days of focused learning & application! 


Join us for five days of focused learning and application.  Create or revise a learning design including measurable indicators of learning, transfer and impact.  This retreat consists of two public courses: Advanced Learning Design and Learning Evaluation by Design.

What participants are saying:

“The two courses fit together seamlessly. It felt like taking one five-day course. I was able to get more work done during those five days of distilled learning than the rest of the year!”        

  -Drew Boa

“Among other highlights, I would point to the input from, and relationships with, the other learners. I appreciated gaining new insights from multiple voices, and the opportunity to interact with people from a range of backgrounds and professions.”

-David Bulger

Class size: capped  (due to participative, learning-centered approach)

Length: 5 days

Prerequisite: Foundations of Dialogue Education (formerly Learning to Listen, Learning to Teach)

Course Schedule

October 21, 2019 - October 25, 2019

Stowehof Inn - Stowe, Vermont USA

Additional Information

$2695.00 USD Register