"The means is dialogue, the end is learning, the purpose is peace." ~ Founder Dr. Jane Vella

Learning Evaluation by Design

More than feedback, a means of making your course content successful!


As a trainer or facilitator, one of your greatest challenges often can be measuring just how much participants have actually taken away from a session, and whether, through your learners, your work will take root and make a real difference out in the world.

While the learning evaluation may come last in a session, it’s as important to the long-term success of your efforts as the course material itself. In the learner-centered environment of Dialogue Education, a well-designed evaluation and participant self-assessment can effectively “seal” the learning experience, so that your learners internalize the material and effectively carry it into their organizations and communities, and so that your work as a trainer extends out into the world in profound and transformative ways.

This Learning Evaluation by Design course is especially practical because you’ll bring with you an actual learning plan you’ve designed. Over two days, your facilitator will skillfully guide you in designing effective evaluation tools for your learning plan, which you can then immediately integrate as part of your real-world training. Through engaging theory and praxis, you will learn how to strengthen your training program and:

  • design more concrete and measurable learning indicators
  • discover how your learners’ life and work contexts can influence their feedback and assimilation of material
  • more accurately project the long-term sustainable effects of your training efforts

You also will benefit from working with and learning from a facilitator who models the principles and practices of Dialogue Education in a lively and results-oriented series of learning tasks – using both group and individual exercises – with an emphasis on accountability and relevance to your situation.

As an added bonus, following the two-day course, you also will receive a one-hour, one-on-one session with your workshop facilitator (via email, phone and/or face-to-face meeting, as appropriate). During this follow-up session, you’ll receive additional feedback and guidance to help you further develop and successfully complete your evaluation design. In addition, you’ll also receive valuable resources to use on your current plan and in future evaluation design and implementation, such as a Dialogue Education™ Evaluation Framework and Accountability Planner.

By the end of the Learning Evaluation by Design course you will have:

  • Used the principles and practices of Dialogue Education to honestly assess the potential effectiveness of your training program
  • Drafted/edited feedback forms, transforming them into effective tools by which participants will synthesize what they’ve learned and concretely recognize how they might use it
  • Created or edited your course objectives to become more measurable indicators of learning
  • Outlined how participants might practically use their learning in the real world, and designed methods to document that transfer
  • Predicted the deep and sustained impact your training program might have on your participants’ organizations or communities
  • Noted specific changes you might need to make in your training program design to evaluate it more effectively
  • Considered your participants’ life or work contexts in evaluation design, and documented how this might influence their responses and the outcome of your training evaluation

About the Workshop

Learning Evaluation by Design© takes place over the course of two days, followed by a one-hour private consultation with your facilitator. The content is based on the work of Dr. Jane Vella, in particular her book with Paula Beradinelli and James Burrows, How Do They Know They Know? as well as insights from the fields of learning and program evaluation. The book is included as a gift for each participant.

Learning Evaluation by Design is also offered as a customizable, in-house course for your business, institution, or organization. We’ve taught in many languages and are happy to try to accommodate your language preference. Please contact us to explore the possibilities for working together.

Class size is limited due to participative, learning-centered approach.

Length: 2 days, plus 1 hour private consultation. (16 hours total course time)

Pre-requisite: Participants should have read the book Learning to Listen, Learning to Teach (Vella, Jane. Jossey-Bass, 2002).

Prior completion of Foundations of Dialogue Education is helpful, but not required.


Course Schedule

*Dates TBD – ask us about bringing this workshop to your organization.