"The means is dialogue, the end is learning, the purpose is peace." ~ Founder Dr. Jane Vella

The Art of Facilitation


Strengthen your facilitation technique and confidence. 


(Includes an opportunity to meet Dr. Jane Vella!)

Many of your gifts as a teacher or facilitator likely come naturally: your energy, your passion, your curiosity, and your ability to lead and inspire others. Even so, you likely are also driven to continually challenge yourself to deepen your expertise and your value to your organization. The Art of Facilitation course provides you with proven knowledge and practice that allow you to bring new facilitation skills into the room for more meaningful, successful meetings and training.

Rather than educational design or pedagogy, the focus of this course is what happens in real time with real people and how you can facilitate more creative, effective and relevant learning events that have lasting impact. With careful attention to how adults best learn, this in-depth course uses the transformative power of Dialogue Education™ theory and practice to guide your stewardship of the learning experience.

Through The Art of Facilitation you will:

  • Enhance and deepen your knowledge of how adults learn
  • Hone your ability to skillfully facilitate learning events and conduct effect meetings
  • Build confidence in your expertise and ability to guide and motivate others in collaborative, participatory learning environments
  • Gain a professional edge by enhancing your value in the workplace and expanding your career opportunities
  • Enrich your personal and career satisfaction by having a transformative impact on the individuals, organizations, institutions, and communities you serve
  • Be one step closer to becoming a Certified Dialogue Education Practitioner

Course Content and Learning Objectives

This workshop is based on the field research and teaching found in Learning to Listen, Learning to Teach (Jossey-Bass, 2002) and Taking Learning to Task (Jossey-Bass, 2000), both by Dr. Jane Vella.

By the end of the workshop you will have:

  • Assessed what enhances and detracts from effective facilitating
  • Analyzed, practiced and assessed principles of adult learning
  • Role-played how to facilitate with effective waiting, weaving, affirming, and summarizing
  • Practiced using open questions and created questions for deeper exploration of a subject
  • Practiced using the content learned in this workshop and offered feedback to others
  • Devised strategies for minimizing resistance, and planned how to respond to it
  • Used the steps of planning for a short workshop
  • Practiced using purposeful energizers
  • Named the exact uses for a variety of visuals as learning aids
  • Practiced using a learning needs and resources assessment
  • Written an action plan for improving your facilitation

About the Workshop

During the workshop, you’ll learn from facilitators who model and teach the Principles and Practices of Dialogue Education through a series of learning tasks that stress accountability, relevance, and employ the knowledge you’re learning. You’ll gain practical experience and expand your skills through a range of engaging and creative exercises in large and small groups, as well as on your own – all within a workshop design that provides a structure for participation and observable results.

The Art of Facilitation is also offered as a customizable, in-house course for your business, institution, or organization. We’ve taught in many languages and are happy to try to accommodate your language preference. Please contact us to explore the possibilities for working together.

Class size is limited due to participative, learning-centered approach.

Length: 2 full days

Pre-requisite: None

Course Schedule

*Dates TBD – ask us about bringing this workshop to your organization.